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We all have staple pieces in out wardrobe, the items that most of your friends probably associate with you and items that you naturally reach for when getting dressed in the morning, but we rarely talk about our staple jewelry bits.

I love jewelry, it is such a fantastic way of changing up an outfit and expressing yourself, but there are certain items in my collection that I would literally be lost without, and today I thought that I would share them with you.


1- Teardrop earrings.

I can’t my finger on why I love the teardrop earring but I have loved them for a very long time. I’m not a necklace fan so I guess these add a little something extra to an outfit, a little bling while maintain a level of class and I find them uber-flattering. With my hair slicked back in a pony and a pair of these bad boys in, there is nothing that can stop me!


2- Ring bling.

I will never forget meeting Jacqueline Wilson when I was child, but more than anything else about that awesome day I remember the sheer number of rings she was wearing. Ten years later and I have embraced the stacked ring look. I love my midi-rings (not pictured) in-particular because they seem to slim and lengthen my little fingers.


3- Bangles.

Jingle, jangle bangles…I love them and I love stacking these up in a variety of pretty shades. At the moment I am loving these pretty blue examples with the off-white in the middle to break them up. I love these because they are super affordable and easy to wear. Slight confession, I generally take them off when I’m typing at a computer because they really bug me!

What are your jewelry staples?

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  • Reply Kay Page March 26, 2014 at 10:08 am

    Thank you! They are from river island and I adore them! 🙂 xx

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