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It can be really expensive to get your hair coloured in the hairdressers and while they can definitely work magic on your hair, sometimes it’s best to just do it yourself. I change my hair colour regularly and aside from the cost, I just don’t have the time to have it coloured in the hairdressers that often, so I am a huge fan of doing my own hair. I’ve been repeating this process four times year, every year since I was about 17 and so I am sure you can imagine that I have picked up some tips.

1- Get the right kit.

When a hairdresser colour’s your hair they obviously have all the relevant tools and equipment, ensuring that they can do the best job possible, but these days you can easily pick up the basics for a low price. The KEY items worth investing in are a tinting brush (superdrug, £1.59) and a simple hair net (superdrug, £1.09).

Tinting Brush- Find a cheap bowl that you aren’t afraid to damage (or pick up a cheap plastic one) and develop the colour inside this as they do in the hairdresser’s. Section your hair in to several sections and use the tinting brush to brush colour along the roots and divided sections, ensuring you get these problematic areas. Lastly use the remaining colour to cover the rest of your hair.

Hair Net- Perhaps the most frustrating thing about hair colour, both at home and in a salon, is the time that it takes to develop, it seems to take forever. I’m a really impatient person, incredibly impatient and I can’t just sit still and wait, yet moving about too much risks dripping colour everywhere, but fear not readers the hair net is the answer!!

2- Work a black bag!

Let’s be honest here, if Valentino was to send someone down the catwalk wearing a black plastic bag, fashionistas everywhere would still be skeptical and I highly doubt that it would be a fashion statement. So no I am not suggesting we start a new trend, but a customised black bag is the way to prevent your clothes.

3- Do a skin and strand test first!!

What are your top tips for DIY hair colour?

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