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As I have mentioned numerous times before, one of the main focuses of this blog is discussing mental health and I just thought that it might be useful for me to tell you a little about the distraction techniques that are best for me during anxious times. There are many different types of these distractions and I have tried plenty, but these three are the one’s that I feel best help me relax. If you have any of your own ideas then please feel free to comment below.

1.The Name Game- If your someone that tends to act on your anxieties and impulses, well this can be a particularly good technique because it can really make you think about something else. Basically, when I am anxious I like to challenge myself to go all the way through the alphabet and for each letter I have to give a boys name (I usually change it regularly so it could be food, girl’s name, place, etc).
2.Focus on something distance. This is really good if you find your thoughts are racing or you feel as if your “living in your head”, people who suffer with mental health will understand what I mean by this. If I am sat by a window when my mind starts race, then I find a nice big building that is a quite a bit away from me and I focus on it. It usually only takes a matter of seconds for this to help me now. It doesn’t need to be a building, it can also be a fixture in your room (a chair, book work well too). I don’t know exactly how it works but when I feel like I am inside my head, it helps me realise that I should be living in the moment.
3.Walking (obviously in certain circumstances this isn’t possible). I find that just taking myself out into the fresh air for even a few minutes can really help me to calm down. I take deep breaths and focus on my breathing plus the sounds around me.

Give these go and please let me know how you get on with them. I really hope they help in someway.

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