I started this series a long time ago now and the whole idea was that it would be an opportunity for me to share the big life lessons that I’ve learnt. Over the post’s I’ve discussed and mentioned a lot of things and some of them have been really uncomfortable and hard. Today is no exception and it’s taken me a lot of courage to get this post written.

As the title suggests today I’m talking about debt, a subject that affects thousands of people and yet still comes with a huge amount of stigma. But time to bite the bullet and admit some home truths because this is my debt story and the lessons that I’ve learnt.

The story //

Growing up I never went without but at the same time my family weren’t exactly flushed either. My mother spent pretty much ever penny she had on me, I was very lucky but we didn’t have a lot of money and I had very little experience of dealing with it. It’s university where things really went from bad to worse because despite all the lessons my parents had instilled in me university utterly changed my life (for the good and the bad). I suddenly had all this money that I was supposed to manage and during the first term I went a bit silly with my money. This single term was the spark that caused all the problems because I never really got back on my feet and was too stubborn to admit I needed help.

A few years ago it all came to a head and I was forced to admit I needed help and finally got back on my feet. I’m now debt free and committed to never getting in that position again.

It affects everything // It literally affected every aspect of my life and caused issues across the board. My relationships suffered, my university life and my mental health has never really recovered from the anxiety and depression I suffered back then.

It’s a cycle // It’s easy to see debt as a one dimensional, easy to solve problem but people don’t really appreciate that it’s a cycle and once your stuck in it it’s really hard to get out.

Admitting a problem // I was stubborn (I am stubborn) and completely ashamed of how I had behaved so it took me a long, long time to admit I needed help. Eventually I was forced to and it was the one thing that made the biggest difference. I was able to get myself out of the cycle I was trapped in it and nowadays I’m in a much better place.

Have you ever been in debt?

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