Dear Mr Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

My name is Kay, I’m 26 years old and I live in Wales.

If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I love history, it’s one of my main passions in life and I’ve studied it for the best part of 10 years.

This time yesterday I was convinced that I was on the verge of seeing history being made. Not the small kind that happens every day but the big kind that overshadows a generation and changes society for the better, forever. The kind created by people like Rosa Parks, Emmeline Pankhurst and Martin Luther King.

I was convinced that I was about to see Hilary Clinton in the White House.

I didn’t expect to see a different kind of history being made.

There seems to be a lot of debate over why the election matters to us, the United Kingdom but it does. You and me both know that.

It’s very humble and naive of Americans to think that it doesn’t impact on us because it does. The United States and the United Kingdom have always had a close friendship and I’m sure we all want that to endure.

I’ve only been to America once and that was in April last year when I visited New York. I fell in love with that city, the country and the people.

You won the election, the team I was backing lost and it’s as simple as that. Now, as Hilary herself stated, you deserve your chance to lead.

But I have a small message for you.

If history has taught us anything it’s this – hope always wins in the end. Love always triumphs over hate and people like us, we fight for progress. People like us fight and we fight until we win.

Pople like me will challenge any policy that discriminates, we will show love against your hatred and we will fight until we end suffering.

Hope. It means you never give up and you keep going until you win.

The world might not have a woman in the White House but combined the hopeful are more powerful than you will ever be.

Good Luck Mr. President-elect, I think we are all going to need it.


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