Daily Greatness Journal


Y’all know me, I love to be organised and am really ambitious about what I want from life. It can sometimes be really challenging to manage all my commitments, to balance my time equally between all my goals and to ensure I make the most of the 24 hours in a day! So naturally I’m always looking for new ways to manage my time and new ways to work towards my goals, so when I saw the Daily Greatness journal featured in a vloggers video I knew I had to get one.

Boy are these books worth their weight in gold.

I’ve had mine a few days now and have easily made this part of my daily routine. It’s amazing for helping you focus on your goals, perfect for analysing and planning your weeks and just really useful for keeping motivated.

Life changed!

If you’re interested in ordering one of these beauties (they have two other versions for training and yoga) then click here and you my dears can get 5% off!


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