Conspiracy theories I just can’t believe in

Last week I decided that it was time to offer my thoughts on the Mandela Effect – the latest conspiracy theory taking the internet by storm.

In this post I confessed that I had more than just a passing interest in conspiracy theory. On the contrary, I have been interested in these sort of things for as long as I’ve been interested in history – so pretty much all my life.

I think the first “conspiracy theory” that caught my attention was the curse of Tutankhamen and since then my ears have always been sensitive to any discussion on that subject.

In the grand scheme of things, the Mandela Effect is relatively new and I have to confess – I don’t really buy into it. This is how I feel nine times out of ten and rarely do I find myself believing any of the conspiracy theories I read about.

Now don’t get me wrong some of them have a little bit of merit, I suspect that in some cases there are elements of truth but mostly they are just fabrication.

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So today I thought that I would discuss the theories that I can’t bring myself to believe in, no matter how hard I might have tried.

The 911 conspiracy // As I mentioned in my introduction many of these theories are born from an element of truth and this one is no different. During the Cold War, the American government reportedly considered orchestrating terrorist attacks with the idea of blaming them on the Cuban government. The idea was simple because it would harden the American’s attitude towards the Cuban government, further justifying any measures the American’s might later choose to take against Cuba. This never happened but this history has forced many to consider whether they did take this action after all and hence the 911 conspiracy has a small element of truth. However, I’ve never for a second believed that the American government designed or caused 911 and all the evidence suggests that the accepted narrative is the true one. I mean think about how many thousands of people would need to be “in” on this deceit in order for it to have been pulled off to the extent that it supposedly was? It’s hard to accept that a terrorist attack was so successful but sadly in this instance it was.

The Obama birthplace conspiracy // This entire suggestion is entirely racist, unmerited and completely and utterly untrue. Let’s not forget that Donald Trump was one of the loudest supports of this claim.

The Tutankhamen Curse // This is the one that started it all for me and while I don’t believe it the entire thing still fascinates me. In the years and months that followed the discovery of the boy king’s tomb several people who had been involved with the excavation died in mysterious circumstances. However, the main man – Howard Carter – lived for a long time after the tomb discovery and hence was not affected by the supposed curse. It definitely interests me but I think that this one is more myth than anything.

Adolf Hitler is/was alive // This one is just so frustrating because aside from extremely unlikely there is absolutely no historical evidence to support it. I’m not even going to address the conspiracies that claim the Holocaust never happened, it’s incorrect, insensitive, far-right nonsense that I just don’t have any tolerance for.

That Freemasons control everything // This conspiracy is an old one but one that persists to this day and claims that the Freemasons control everything from politics to business. I completely agree that the secret society has huge connections that are far-reaching and yes they still hold many of their secrets close to their chest. However, I do not believe that they have as much control as people think they do.

Climate change is made up // As Aziz Ansari famously said: “do you realise how stupid you have to be to not believe in climate change?”

Aberfan was a hoax // I literally only discovered this theory about a month and a half ago during the Aberfan memorial coverage. It was just after the anniversary of the Welsh disaster which claimed the lives of 144 people – mostly children – when I was doing some research and stumbled across a website that claimed the entire thing was a hoax. I was left baffled by the ignorance of some people and couldn’t get my head around how these people could even think this, let alone have the gall to actually promote it on the internet. As with most of these conspiracy theories the proposers fail to really consider the scale to which the deceit would have to be in order for the claimed cover up to be true. My grandfather attended the disaster as a volunteer rescue worker, am I to believe he is part of some government sponsored cover up too?

Saved by the bell and the Illuminati// I had to leave this one until last because quite honestly it’s the one that made me laugh the most, I mean come on it’s so far-fetched.

 So what are your thoughts on these conspiracies? Do you believe any of them? Have I missed something? Are there any that you think I should have a little read about?

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    I don’t believe in any of them & I think that you mentioned all that are important.
    Love your cup 🙂

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