#committogetfit 2014- Introduction, goals and why!

E- FATMe slimmer

(Now and a few years ago)

As you will have seen in my 2014 goal post a few weeks ago, getting fit and losing a bit of weight, is a massive goal for me this year and in all honesty has been for a long time. I have done this sort of thing many, many times in the past and although I have times lost a fair bit, I’ve never lost the desired amount. “Weight” is a tricky subject because it’s more about how you feel as opposed to the figure on the scale but for me weight is a good commodity to measure the success upon.

My mission isn’t too lose weight primarily however, it’s to change my lifestyle, to get more active and with that to get fit. I was therefore really excited to see that several youtubers and fellow bloggers (see my video on this for information) are taking part in the online challenge #committogetfit and I have decide to throw my gauntlet in to the ring too.

Flicking across my facebook pictures recently, I came across this picture of me (the one in black) from a few years ago when I was at my smallest size. Looking at visibly smaller and happier self, I began to remember how I had felt at that time and it dawned on me that I was a lot happier and more confident within myself.

This weight-loss was a result of a severe and cruel bout of depression that I had just been suffering with, and it had therefore happened by chance and not by my determination. While it ultimately came from a really dark and sad place, the weight-loss really made a difference to my life and I will never forget the moment I went in to New Look and picked up a pair of jeans in a size 12. The smallest I had ever been. Size and weight are not everything, I completely agree, but being that bit smaller made me feel a huge amount better and for the first time in a long time I felt confident and happy within myself.  It’s this feeling that I want once more.

I don’t want to be tiny, I never will be, but I would love to go back to being the size 12 that I was and I want to kick my unhealthy eating habits. So today I am commiting to getting fit.

The above pictures are going to be my motivation from here on in, and of course I am going to be sharing my journey with you! Each week I am going to write a post and make a video, reviewing my progress and food intake and also the exercise that I have done. As I said I want to change my attitude to excercise and change my lifestyle, I want this to be a long term change.

So there is one last thing for me to do, something that is hard but something I want to do anyway, I want to share my statistics with you and also my ideal weight, because then I have someone I am accountable to.

If your interested in joining in on this, please let me know?


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