Can you ever be too ambitious?


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We’ve heard a lot about “aspiration” over the last few weeks, it’s a word that Tony Blair adored and politically it can have very different meanings. Yet for me the word aspiration or ambition has one simple and universal meaning, the desire to improve your life or to go after the goals that you have always sought.

I am someone that really respects, admires and am naturally attracted to ambition. It is such a carefree emotion and as long as people aren’t prepared to hurt others, its an incredibly honourable quality. I consider myself to be ambitious, very ambitious and yet because of the width and breadth over which my ambitions are spread, it’s also something that makes me very anxious.

What if I never achieve my goals? What if I fail? And as of yet I am yet to have made the headway that I would have very much have liked, so does that mean that I am failing?

I regularly find myself asking myself these questions, like daily, and sometimes the fear of failure is so paralysing that it leads me to a self-perpetuating cycle. My fear of defeat leads to me being unable to go after my goals.

It was while asking myself these questions recently that I started to wonder if it was possible to be too ambitious and if ambition was only manageable if it was felt it smaller measures. Yet how and can you ever really control your ambition?

My biggest problem isn’t my ambitions in themselves but the variety of the ambitions, the fact that I have several huge ambitions all of which fall in to different area’s of life and require different steps to be taken. It’s this that leads to me feeling pretty overwhelmed sometimes, stuck in a list making process that I like to think of as productivity but which is nothing but a foggy kind of procrastination.

The key, I’ve learnt the hard way, is to focus on one important goal at a time and to work through them in a prioritised fashion. Set one goal a month and if you have spare time use that to pursue the next one.

But there is one huge perk to being over ambitious, it means that life is never boring.

Are you too ambitious?


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