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Bullet Journals are making a huge comeback at the moment and it seems as if everyone and their mother is getting in on the action. I’ve been using one for a few month’s now and I absolutely suggest that you get in on the action because quite frankly it might change your life!

If you want to set one up then I suggest you take a look at the master’s. Both Bullet Journal and Boho Berry have excellent idea’s of idea’s for how you use your’s.

I also have a Pinterest board with some more idea’s.

But I thought I would share with you some other idea’s for pages and some of  the things that i’ve incorporated in to mine.

A kiss list // Probably not one for you if you’re in a relationship or all loved up but for the single lady what could be more fun!

17 by 2017 // This is kind of like a bucket list but on a smaller scale, it’s things I want to do by 2017. These are not goals as such, they are much smaller but I can’t wait to start ticking them off.

Blog to do list // Because why not?

My reading list // A few month’s ago I bought a book that sounded amazing, only to realise that I’d read it before. I’ve tried to use a notebook for recording my books in the past but I soon gave up but having a page in my bullet journal makes it so convenient.

A health log // I have a weight log too but for me my health log is much more important. If I ever feel under the weather or my anxiety is particularly bad then I like to use this pad to record my health and any twinges I have.

Self-care list // I am really bad at making time to look after myself but this has really helped me. If I’m feeling a bit “ugh” then I take a little peek at my list and commit to do something from it.

Enjoy and annoy list // I spend so much time doing things I don’t enjoy and this list has been really eye opening for me and it’s made me realise how bad the balance between the two is. I’ve used it to incorporate more enjoy in to my life and I am so much happier.

Travel wishlist // I’m definitely a wanderer at heart and I already have a hue list of places I want to go but sometimes I forget the name of places. I love using this page to jot down ny new cities or countries I think of.

Do you use any of these pages? Or are you going to?

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