Bourjois Aqua Blush


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that I have far too much make-up, so I’ve recently been making a conscious effort to curb my beauty buying habits. It’s been hard. Yet it was going rather well until I spotted Bourjois’ latest product launch, I knew I had to pick up the Bourjois aqua blush (£8.99, Boots).

Bourjois aqua blush

I’ve said it numerous times before but I’ll say it once again, I’m definitely a bronzer-over-blusher kind of girl. Yet sometimes I just can’t resist adding a pretty flush to my make-up look. I usually opt for powder because cream based products just don’t work for me yet during summer I often find cream or liquid blushers to be the preferable option. They tend to have a more natural finish, more dewy and they sit on my skin a lot better than powder during the warmer months. I love Bourjois liquid-cream-gel bronzers and initially headed to Boots in order to replenish my diminishing stock. So when I spotted these new offerings, I new that I needed to have one.

Aqua blush BBourjois-Aqua-Blush

The Bourjois Aqua Blush claims to last 12 hours and is currently available in four pinky toned shades. The first thing I have to address is that bold time-lasting claim because as far as I’m concerned it came nowhere near the 12 hour mark but name me a product that does? This is something that really gets me and I understand the need to sell the products but in all honesty, how often do the claims actually live up to the expectations? Once applied over a primer and base, I would say that this blusher actually lasts around 4-5 hours and during that time it does fade considerably.

The consistency however is gorgeous and it’s gel-cream formula ensures that it blends flawlessly, mimicking the skins natural texture and allowing your natural skin to peek through underneath. It adds a really heathy pop to the skin and its texture adds a really healthy glow.

The Bourjois aqua blush shade range is defiantly limited but it’s a range with potential for expansion and the current shades available are broad enough to suit the vast majority of people.

Overall it’s a decent new offering from Bourjois, my favourite of the high street beauty providers and this is likely to be a staple in my make-up routine throughout the summer months.

Have you tried the Bourjois aqua blush?


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