Bourjois Air Mat Foundation


It feels like ages since I last reviewed a beauty product but I was really excited to see that Bourjois had a new foundation in their range. I’ve always been a fan of their other offerings and love Healthy Mix so I immediately picked up the Bourjois Air Mat foundation.

I’ve been using it for a week, so I thought that it was time for me to tell you my thoughts (£9.99, Boots).

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation

I should point out that I was immediately concerned with the colour range of the Bourjois Air Mat foundation and took some time trying to decide which to try because there are only 5 to chose from. In the end I selected the lightest shade, 01 rose ivory. I wasn’t sure if it would be too light for me but it’s actual a teeny bit too dark, it’s wearable but I have to be incredibly careful with application. So it’s definitely not going to be a product that suits people of a lighter complication, something that Bourjois are usually pretty good at.

The Bourjois Air Mat foundation applies really easily and has a creamy texture and should you find the right colour for you, it will be really easy to apply. This is the first Bourjous foundation I’ve tried that has a really strong smell and this might be off putting for some people (I wasn’t a huge fan of it either). It’s not a horrible smell but it is very strong and it’s not something that I tend to want in my foundation.

I’m also not hugely keen on the packaging because it looks more like a lower-end foundation or a BB cream than a traditional foundation. I’ve never really been a fan of the squeezey tubes and personally prepare a pump type bottle.

As the name suggests this is a mattifying foundation and is going to be a particular favourite among my oily-skinned friends because it works wonders at removing shine. Yet despite it having a matte finish it isn’t drying and didn’t cling to my dry patches like other similar foundations tend to do and felt really light on the skin. I hate it when your foundation feels to heavy but my pores were free to breath while still being offered a decent level of coverage.

While we are on the subject of coverage, the Bourjois Air Mat foundation claims to be “high coverage” but I personally wouldn’t have said that, I would have called it more of a medium. It hides blemishes pretty well but did nothing for my redness, so this is perfect for a bad skin day but it won’t even out the tone of your skin.

I tend to look for lighter to medium foundations anyway because darker one’s just don’t do it for me, they leave my skin looking dull and I like a foundation that offer a pick me up, so the coverage differentiation doesn’t really matter to me.

Overall the Bourjois Air Mat foundation is a decent offering from Bourjois and probably something that I will reach for on one of those “bad skin days”. It’s not my favourite but that’s not because of the foundation itself so much as it just isn’t the kind of bases I go for.

Have you tried the Bourjois Air Mat foundation? What did you think?

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