Boring Blog Update!

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog!!

Now that I finally have a working laptop, I am going to be able to post for you on a more consistent and regular tameable, something I hope that you are as excited as me about!! In the past I have started numerous blogs and given up on them, but as a result of the positive feedback that I am getting and how much I am enjoying blogging at the moment I really want to ensure I am keeping up my good work!

Each Monday (or Sunday) I am going to post a list of the articles that I am planning on posting that week (obviously with the odd exception) and the days that I intend to post them. My blog as you will know, is hugely varied, I post about a lot of different topics and while I personally like this, I know some of my readers are only interested in certain subjects!

As you will have seen I recently tried using numerous blogs but honestly this just frustrated me, ultimately I just want the one blog! Therefore if you are only interested in one topic, you can see what day those posts will be up but also have a nose at what else I am posting!!!

I hope this works, please let me know how this works for you!


This Week

Monday- Beauty Day

MaxFactor Whipped Review

Best Ten Under £10

Tuesday- Opinion Day

Living Wage

Why Ed Miliband is winning the debate!

Wednesday- Review day

Sophie Kinsella Book Review

Now You See Me Film Review

Thursday-Politics day

Politics Basics- Liberalism

Friday- Mental Health day

Friday Favourites

Mental Health Diary

How can you help someone with a mental illness?



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