The books currently on my reading list


As I have repeatedly mentioned I’ve decided to set myself an ambitious reading challenge for 2016 – by the end of it I want to have read 100 books.

It’s going ok. I’m the type of person that goes through reading phases and at the moment my progress has stalled a little bit. I’m reading Sophia Khan is not obliged and I really like it but I’m struggling to find the time to read huge chunks at the moment, so instead I’m reading a page at a time.

I know this is how most people read but for me it’s pretty slow and hence has slowed my progress down.

Although I traditionally prefer to read an old fashioned, physical book recently I’ve found myself opting for the ebook variety. I honestly shouldn’t be buying more books when I have thousands of paperback books waiting to be read but since falling in love with iBooks I’ve done just that and bought hundred more.

I guess that’s why I like reading on the iPad now, it means that I have hundreds of books in one nifty device and I get to carry that everywhere. For someone that always has a book and at least 5 magazines in their handbag at any given time, that is revolutionary.

Anyway enough rambling I thought I would share with you the books that are currently on my reading list.

The big lie by Julie Mayhew

Only your eyes by Louise O’Neil

Fall for anything by Courtney Summers

All this has nothing o do with me by Monica Sabolo

The Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

Cracked up to be by Courtney Summers

What goes around by Courtney Summers

The Islamist by Ed Hussain

Am I normal yet by Holly Bourne

How card can love be by Holly Bourne

Coming Out by Tracei Puckett

So I’m curious, what’s on your reading list?

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