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Can I let you in on a little secret? I am not entirely happy with my body and there are a million and one things that, given the opportunity, I would change about my appearance. Yet I know for an absolute fact that I am far from being alone on this, as millions of people across the world suffer similar and crippling battles. Surely it’s part of the reason I love make-up, it gives me an opportunity to cover up those minor flaws and hide behind what can only be described as a mask?

I am deeply concerned about the way this sickening trend and narrative is going. I am passionate and convinced that I at least, in part, understand the cause of this current endemic and in a way, I am determined to challenge it. I guess it’s ironic that I, a beauty blogger who advises people on the best foundation and concealer to hide those little blemishes, should be so determined to make this change. I guess some people would even call me hypocritical, yet in the same breath perhaps if I wasn’t so self-cocious, a victim of the media dominated culture we live in, I wouldn’t be a beauty blogger in the first place?

Who knows? These questions are far to complex for this blog and they reach far beyond the remit of this post but I did want to offer my thoughts and opinions on the matter.

I wanted to tell you what I have learnt over the years and little tricks to develop your own self confidence.

  • Learn to love what you have. In order to gain true body confidence, learning to love what you have is the only way forward. Admittedly and depressingly you’ll probably never love everything about your body, there’ll probably always be things that you would like to change but it is possible to develop a begirding sense of acceptance. And wait for it, it could even be possible to LOVE certain things. Try looking in the mirror, talk to yourself and point out the things you do like about your body. We might sometimes hate to admit it but as much as we all hate certain things about our body, there are always going to be things we love too.
  • Wear clothes that are the right size for you! We’ve all done it, decided to pick up something in a smiler size, simply because it looks better on the label. Yet the right fitting clothes can make ALL the difference to confidence. The older I’ve got, the more this has come in to play and nowadays I’m not to bothered about what the label says.
  • One nice thing a day. Each morning find a two minute gap in your routine to be kinder to yourself, by looking in the mirror and saying ONE nice thing. Try to do this first thing in the morning, get in to a routine of doing it and try to find something different every day!


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