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On Monday night I was invited to attend the very first blogger love hub evening, an opportunity for bloggers and brands to come together in order to develop their blogs and relationships. As I was invited along as a viblogger I was asked to blog about my experience, so today that is exactly what I am going to do. Sadly my camera chose the Sunday before the event to die on me and I was therefore unable to take any decent pictures, so this post is going to be very light in the picture department. However I am going to the event next Monday and shall make up for this technological malfunction by taking plenty of images with my shiny new camera.

This week the bloggers hub was hosted in Mahiki night-club London, a famous hang out for the rich and famous. As someone that loves the London culture and lifestyle, I was hugely excited at the location and was thrilled to attend the venue. It is everything you imagine it to be and more. However instead of glamorous looking celebrities there were stylish looking bloggers adorned with camera’s, mixed with various brands and companies spread out amongst the booths. Once you had purchased yourself a drink from the overpriced bar and collected one of the bloggers love goody bags (love London but hate the London prices) it was time to get your network on. I was lucky enough to be given a number of items from the brands for me to review and feature for you lovely lot and I will be doing so over the coming weeks. So today I thought that I would tell you a little bit about said companies, so you know what I will be reviewing for you shortly and for you to get a feel for the event itself.

  • Made of Carpet. Click here to view their website. The idea was developed from the famous Mary Poppins back and since then it has formed in to a fully fledged business with bags made from carpet in every possible size. Despite it all being sourced from the European Union, it happens to be huge in Japan but sadly this brand isn’t for me, it is definitely a niche market and is probably something that you will either love or hate. If you fall in to the love category, then use the code ROCKERS at the till and get yourself 25% discount.
  • D-Jewelsus. Click here to view their website. Before the event I did a bit of research in to the companies that would be in attendance and this was one that really caught my eye but sadly not for the right reasons, as I assumed leather jewellery just wasn’t my thing. Boy I was wrong. These handmade leather necklaces and collars are beautiful and can really make a plain top pop, especially as they come in a beautiful array of colours. These cubic-like pieces are surprisingly light and I can see there being a bit of a gap in the market for this type of accessory, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Glowbeads. Click here to view their website. This was without a doubt my favourite of the brands on show, I simply love these beautiful pieces. These gorgeous bracelets are made from the same material that is used to make the cats eyes in the middle of the road, meaning that they glow when the light hits them. Available in a range of gorgeous colours, these will make the perfect Christmas gift, so I suggest you order them now.
  • Cheeky Poppins. Click here to view their website.  The idea behind this company is simple, basic and yet really savvy and creative at the same time. These hair clip like pieces clip on to your shoes, making them versatile and personalised. The lovely CEO was kind enough to give me a pair of the beautiful black bows, so yup in the next few weeks I am going to feature them in a post for you.
  • Madame Lala. Click here to view their website. This luxe fake tan company are definitely one to watch with it’s nourishing and skin quashing qualities. I was given a full bottle to review, which considering it’s price is pretty fantastic, so in the name of beauty I will review this in the next few weeks.

Are you going to the next one?

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