Benefit RollerLash Mascara Review


You all know me by now and you know that I tend to hate hyped products and always find myself disappointed and disillusioned with so called “must haves”. Occasionally however, a product comes along and literally knocks your socks off, leaving you questioning everything that you previously believed and forcing you to eat your words faster than you can say Maybelline.

This is definitely one of those moments and after much fighting I have a confession to make, I am excited about an impending launch. That’s right readers I, Kay Page of Ohkay-DohKay, have finally fallen for the hype and have inserted a big pink circle around the 1st of March in my every day diary. Pink being code for beauty, the date being code for “you must have this mascara because it is literally life changing, so get your butt online now and click buy”. You see, very much fallen for the hype.

If your a beauty addict then you will already know what I’m talking about and if your an Elle magazine reader then you will have already got your hands on this beautiful little tube of joy. However if you’ve somehow managed to miss the fuss, let me offer a small recap. As quickly as you can pop to your local magazine seller, grab the latest edition of Elle magazine, pay the hefty £4.00 charge (not cheap but worth it) and once you’ve opened the packaging be sure to thank me because the little tube that will have fallen in to your hands, is absolute beauty heaven.

While it might only be a sample of the Benefit Roller Lash it is incredibly convincing and this mascara is definitely going to become a cult classic. I wasn’t a fan of the they’re real mascara, so to be honest I didn’t hold put high hopes for this mascara but wowser was I wrong. This mascara sure packs some punch and manages to really lengthen the lashes, adding definition and giving the perfect flutter effect. The bendy, spiky, plastic wand effectively separates the lashes and coats them evenly giving a natural lengthening effect. The consistency of the mascara is bang on the money and unlike many other products, it doesn’t flake or leave behind a panda eye.

I am a loyal fan of the Maybelline rocket mascara but this Benefit offering as really got me thinking and I am desperate to get my hands on the delightfully packaged full version. So yes readers, you know where I’ll be on the 1st of March and boy am I hyped about this product!

Have you tried it? Are you as excited as I am?


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