Becky-gate! Important points were raised!

Amy Willeron becky addlington

Hey everyone, how are you?

Have you been watching “I’m a Celebrity” at all? Did you see the episode where Rebecca Addlington cried? Yeah, I’ve done that. I’ve been in that situation more times than I would like to remember and when I explain it, I think that you will understand why.

If you didn’t watch the episode, and you have no idea what I am talking about, I should probably try to explain a little. For my readers that aren’t in the UK, “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” is a reality TV show where a number of celebrities are placed into the jungle for a matter of time. During the course of the show the public pick certain celebrities to participate in the horrific and nasty trails (eating bugs and the like). Eventually, after the public vote out the celebs one by one, a winner is crowned. (I should also add that Rebecca Addlingon is a national treasure. She was the first female swimmer to win a medal for 50 years and at just 24 she has won two gold medals.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Becky wasn’t crying over one of these horrific challenges, instead she was upset because of the way she looked. No comment was made to upset her directly, but like many instances that I can sympathise with, it was a general feeling that sometimes can come over you in the presence of beautiful women. I feel really inferior when I’m with someone that I deem more attractive than me, it makes you far more aware of the flaws that you perceive yourself to have. For Becky however, it was a debate about beauty pageants, of which the beautiful Amy is a winner.

For me there are many, many problems that beauty pageants bring about but I believe that there is a far bigger problem. The media in the UK (magazines, certain challenges, etc) really need to take some responsibility for the way that many young women feel, and it’s not ok for them to ridicule celebrities for being “too big” or “too little”, with size often being at the centre of many a story. Ultimately we are striving for a perfection, and that really doesn’t exist.

Then of course we have the reinforcing of these points from a number of different outlets. I received a particularly unpleasant tweet several months ago, accusing me of being a jealous feminist. I pretended that it didn’t hurt, I acted as if I didn’t care but it did hurt and it did care. These attitudes are being encouraged by the media, who put a constant amount of importance on the way we look and it’s them that suggests the “perfect look”.

It’s time we got some perception on this matter, and it’s time that the media started taking responsibility for how they make people feel.

Let’s put this into perspective, as a final not, Becky Addlington is an OLYMPIC swimmer, she has two GOLD medals and is a fit athlete! On so many levels, she is a beautiful woman and we have no right to make her feel that way!

My final thoughts- Ultimately, there is no “perfect” image and every person is attracted to something different. Always be who you want to be, wear what you want to wear and don’t let anyone tell you what to be!

Have you ever felt that way? Let me know what you think below!

Amy Willeron becky addlington

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