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Although I love trying new make-up products and I try my best to vary my make-up and beauty regime, I’m normally pretty reluctant to add new brands into my collection and tend to stick with the one’s I know and love. Yet when I recently stumbled upon the new ELF store in Cardiff, I was pretty intrigued.

Hidden away in one of Cardiff’s beautiful and quirky arcades, I stumbled upon this store on accident and looking at the outside I guessed that it was a pretty expensive store. The second time I went past however I decided to take a little look, and was immediately excited by the treasures that I found.

Firstly, the layout of the store is really attractive and unlike many expensive brands the sales assistants don’t automatically pounce upon you, but they are happy to help should you wish them to.

Then we get to the price! Now given that this is a purely one-brand based store, and the fact that are makeover counters on the premises, I was immediately wary about how much I grabbed and was therefore really cautious when admiring the offerings. I was even further concerned when there were no prices on said products, despite this I picked a few and headed to the counter, extremely concerned about what damage was about to be done! Before I tell you the result, here are the two main items that I bought!ELF make-up


The packaging is beautiful, it’s sleek and reminds me of the NARS blush cases.

  • Tone Correcting Powder. So I have wanted one of these for a long time, and correct me if I’m wrong, but most high-street brands don’t have a version. The idea is that you correct discolorations on your face by using the colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel. I’m really impressed by this, and it really does work! The only down side is that you really don’t get a huge amount of product but still,I love this!
  • Cool Bronzer. I don’t do contouring, not because I can’t but because I am yet to find a contour bronzer that works for me. Usually they are too dark or too shimmery but when I saw this one, a light bulb went off. I love this little palette and although it isn’t overly pigmented, it is perfect for a light contour. My favourite is the darkest one, but I can guarantee that I will get use out of all of these!

The damage of these items was just £6.50, an absolute steal and I highly recommend that anyone give these a try!

I am quite struck on this new brand, and I will definitely be heading back to pick up a couple of their gorgeous pallets and I’m excited to try a number of their other products.

Have you tried any of their products before? Can you recommend any for my further trip?

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