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I have a confession for you, something that as a beauty blogger I am definitely ashamed to admit- I hate going to the hairdressers. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the experience, I mean who doesn’t enjoy being pampered but I really hate having to decide what I want done. I’m lucky to have been blessed with lots of long hair and I love the slight wave that it naturally has but one thing that really bugs me, is how sometimes it can look a bit…..blah.
Last week when I reluctantly visited the amazing Ken Picton salon for a much needed haircut, I was pretty decided on what I wanted, much of the same but with a teeny bit off the length and a general tidy up. The hairdresser was brilliant and in a matter of time she had decided the exact length of my layers and the end result was pretty transformative. While the style was the same as it had always been, long and wavy, the blunt cut looked incredibly neat and so I made a bold decision.

For years and years I have lusted after some much needed volume, while I definitely have enough hair to go around (not an offer by the way), my hair has a tendency to fall flat. I’ve had this discussion with numerous hairdressers over the years but they’ve never managed to give me the look I’m after and I guess I’d given up. But having seen the result of this hair wizard’s hand, I assessed that it was worth a shot. After explaining to her my mortal dilemma, she stated that she knew exactly what I needed and added a few extra layers, giving me the body I have always wanted.


Finally, to finish, she added some magical powder and suggested I pick a pot of the miracle worker up. After observing my much loved new do in the mirror, I agreed and immediately set off for Boots. I couldn’t find the product she had suggested but as a fan of the Batiste dry shampoos I decided their plumping powder was worth a shot.

It’s a really cheap little product and is really simple to use, you simply part your hair and gently apply the powder. Or at least it should have been that easy. In reality it was far harder to get out of the sprinkler-style pot and when I did shake it, I ended up with a dandruff like effect, all over my lovely black top. Lesson learnt. Once I had applied it and massaged it in to my hairlines, I must admit that I saw no difference and was really disappointed with the result.

This was a really disappointing buy for me and if I could have remembered the name of the one that was initially suggested to me, I would have already moved on. Now, that’s where you wonderful people come in.

Can you suggest an easy to use volume adding powder?

The search for volume goes on….

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