Bank Holiday Beauty* (featuring Veet)


*I was sent these wax strips by Veet.

August Bank Holiday means different things for different people but the chances are that you will be doing something special this time next week. It might be going away somewhere nice for the weekend, you might be waiting on the sun to make an appearance so that you can visit the beach or perhaps you are just going for drinks with friends. Whatever you have planned you are going to want to be feeling at your best and looking even better!

So whatever you are doing next Monday these are my top tips for ensuring that you look and feel a million dollars. (And if you happen to have a spare million dollars I am always happy to help out.)

Change it up // A rather vague tip there Kay but I’m talking hair because the August bank holiday offers the perfect time to overhaul your summer style. It’s just before the season officially changes from summer to autumn and therefore the perfect time to opt for a shake up!

Veet Wax Strips Natural Inspirations* // The season change also means a weather change (although I can’t imagine there is going to be that much difference, sigh British weather) but the bank holiday weekend might be your last opportunity to flash those perfect pins. I love having a pamper session before a big weekend and these easy to use strips offer the perfect opportunity for that, leaving legs feeling soft and ready to go. Sparingly slap on some fake tan and you are ready to go.

Relax // The easiest way to enjoy the bank holiday is to take some time out and to use the bank holiday for what it was actually made for – relaxing. Isn’t that a strange word and given how busy we all it’s a concept that might seem alien to us. Having a cheeky pamper session, crack open a face mask an get your bath soaks on. It’s all well and good looking like a million dollars but if your not feeling it, well it’s not going to end well is it?

What are you up to this weekend?


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