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It’s not very often that I talk about music on my blog and there’s no particular reason for that, it’s just not something that I often think of writing about.

I was recently approached by Get To The Front, an exciting online magazine, who asked me if I would like to write about my favourite bands and singers.

As it’s not something that I often write about, I agreed, thinking that it would be an excellent new post idea.

So these are my music top 5.


My top 5 songs

Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran // I love listening to a song that tells a story of some sort and I am a huge fan of beautiful lyrics. I think that comes from my interest in poetry and I just love listening to people play with wording. I think Ed Sheeran is the master of doing this and his songs are usually so beautiful. I actually found it really hard to decide which one to include in my top 5 and Photograph and Castle on the Hill came really close. In the end, I decided on Thinking Out Loud because it’s so well written.

Goodbye, Spice Girls // It’s safe to say that 90s music was defined by pop bands and for me, the Spice Girls were one of my favourites. I absolutely loved them and they were a huge part of my childhood. I was lucky enough to meet them not long before they officially split, just after Geri had left and it is one of the most memorable events of my childhood. I love Goodbye because for me it reminds of my childhood and the end of an era that came with the Spice Girls split.

Tale As Old as Time, Beauty and the beast // This is another song that kind tells a tale and again I love the lyrics of this number. I guess it’s that idea of unlikely love, the idea of loving someone despite circumstances and it’s pure romantic Disney at it’s best. The line “barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly” is so pretty. I’ve always loved Beauty and the Beast and there’s something about Ttale as old as time that still brings a tear to my eye. And yes, I am very excited about the new film.

Losing My Religion, REM // I’ve always loved 80s/90s music and it resonates with me to a much great effect than most current artists. I can’t remember why or how I really started to love losing my religion

Just Hold On, Louis Tomlinson ft. Steve Aoki // Some songs just get stuck in your head and you end up replaying them over and over again. Well, this is one of mine at the moment and even though it’s a couple of months old, I still really like it. Just hold on is so different from any of One Direction’s stuff and it really suits him.

My top 5 bands

I’ve always liked bands more than I’ve ever really liked individual singers and so it was so hard to pick just five but these are the one’s that made the cut.

Coldplay // It’s all about lyrics again and I love the music that Coldplay continues to produce. It would be hard to pick a favourite song but I think I would have to go with viva la vida for something more modern and yellow for something old school.

The Script // I liked these boys before they become a big thing but I can honestly say that I’ve liked pretty much everything that they’ve released. However, it’s easy to pick a favourite with these and it would have to be breakeven and superheros.

Imagine dragons // Once upon a time I would listen to their album on repeat such was my obsession with their sound. To this day on top of the world remains one of my all-time favourite songs.

Stereophonics // I’m Welsh, so I had to put a Welsh band in and it had to be the Phonics. I’ve always loved 1000 trees, so that would probably be my favorite of their songs.

Keane // During high school these were one of my favourite bands and while other people tended to turn to the more club scene, I always loved Keane. This is an easy one, my favourite Keane song would have to be everybody’s changing.

 *In return for writing this post I was paid a fee. This was to cover the hours I put into writing the post and not for a particular opinion. All comments made are my honest options.

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