Back to School Fashion

It’s been a long time since I had to brave the “back to school” shopping experience and a lot has changed over the time. Yet while certain things have changed dramatically, technology I’m looking at you, the need to buy items that are both trendy and school regulation approved is as relevant as ever.

I used to hate my dowdy school uniform, seeing it as a symbol of everything that was wrong with the world, and I hated that it looked exactly like everyone else’s. I loved fashion from a young age and hated that I was unable to show my unique personality or style. Ultimately I started to develop my own ways of bending the rules and I guess that these are as relevant as they ever were.

So here are my top back to school buys.

1. A Line Skirt

I love the sixties inspired look, it’s just so feminine and chic, so it will come as no surprise that I am excited to see it’s righteous return this season. Along with a heavenly shift dress I will definitely be picking up a couple of A Line skirts, which are set to be huge for AW14. Tailored, a decent length but still devilishly trendy, this trend is the one to invest in and I suggest grabbing a black version for school.

2. 2. Flat shoes

Lucky you, the difficult heels-or-flat question has already been well and truly answered. When I think back to my distant high school days, I remember the numerous arguments I had with my parents over this topic, them wanting me to chose sensible flats but me wanting a pair of oh so grown up heels. Generally the debate was settled with a simple answer, I had to get one of each. This year this decision is simple because flat shoes are set to go stellar. For added trend appeal, pick a pair of pointy toe beauties, these are literally everywhere and have even been seen on the likes of Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung. Stylish and completely practical, what’s not to love.

3. Backpack’s

This was probably the second biggest school shopping decision that my generation faced and each year it required a lot of time and thought. Back in my day, there were two huge trends that I can clearly remember, the Kookai shoulder bag and the Roxy backpack craze. It has felt like the 90s all over again because the shops have been awash with backpack options. This time around however backpack have gotten seriously stylish and are available in a number of luxe options. To get more bang for your buck, chose a boxy shape because these were are all over the catwalks and graced many a celebs backs at the recent festivals.

Let me know if you have any extra advise.

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