Autumn/Winter 2014 Basics


I love good wardrobe revamp, I’m not talking a few new bits or bobs, I’m talking a full wardrobe overhaul and what more perfect time then when the season changes. The weather has already had it’s makeover with the wet, windy British weather officially back and with it comes a chance for a fashion ephainy. It’s to time to bring out the coats and other cwtch-y clothing, switching bare skin for lots of luxe layering.

Autumn and Winter are definitely the easiest seasons to style out because while the trends change slightly each year, the basics will always remain the same. A few signature jumpers, turtle necks and chunky boots and your pretty much sorted for the season. Along with your staples, invest in a few of this seasons must have and your good to go.

These are the bits and bobs I cannot wait to get my hands on.

  • The Cape. This summer it was all about the Kimono, the super sexy, light fabric that was delicately printed with delicious patterns and while the lose fitting style is staying around for another season, it is time to push them to the back of your wardrobe for now. This season it’s time to embrace the cape, a style that needlessly strikes fear in to the hearts of many because done right, this garment has some serious style value. To get this trend right make sure you look for thick, heavy wool and try to embrace the chequered trend.The blanket wrap was all over the season’s catwalks and the high street was awash with stunning options. However if pattern isn’t your thing then fear not because there are plenty of plain versions out the. Instead of bold patterns, look for delicate cable-knit detail and fur to hit two trends in one. Now get to it batman!
  • Textured fabric. This season all your senses are put to the test as clothes are expected to do far more than just look good. When it comes to the upper body, it’s all about those luxe textures and jumpers are there to be felt as well as seen. This is  a trend for everyone, the high street is awash with beautiful examples and there is something to suit all tastes. I LOVE the teddy bear fabric when it comes to coats but in my jumpers I want something a bit more fashionable. I am loving the long-haired jumpers that Primark have in plenties and have already purchased an array of gorgeous colours.
  • Faux fur. Every year faux fur makes a comeback, I mean why wouldn’t it, it’s your perfect winter warmer. Yet this time faux fur has had a little fashion makeover and daring, coloured and patterned alternatives are lining the shops already. If you, like me, are not convinced by the faux fur coat trend, stick to the absolute basics as this year fur is lining everything. From hats to gloves and more importantly handbags, with every store offering a quirky version. I’ve already picked up a luxe faux fur clutch and have my eye on a pair of fur trimmed gloves in Accessories!
  • Slogan Jumpers. Christmas jumpers are definitely still hanging about but while Christmas still remains in the near distant future, a slogan tshirt will see you through the coming months. Think cheeky, playful and downright naughty and pick up as many as you possibly can.
  • If you only buy one thing make it…a coat.

What are you investing in this season?


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