August Favourites 2015


It’s the end of August tomorrow (yay) and I for one am pretty delighted that the month has come to an end because it’s not been a particularly good one for me. I’ve been extremely disorganised, my anxiety has been rather bad and my depression has reared its ugly head, a recipe that has made it a hard one. Yet things have defiantly gotten better towards the end and as we enter September there have been some really positive developments (more to follow).

As a result of the above concoction of nightmarish circumstances, there hasn’t been an awful lot that I have been loving this month! But I was able to pull a few from my brain, so here they are! I am very busy agenda // I first saw this pretty planner on DorkFace’s blog a few weeks ago and while I didn’t want to jump on the wagon (see what I did there) I just had to have one. It’s uber pretty and I know it sounds really silly but it does make you want to use it and to be organised. I’m a glutton for rose gold detailing so I had to have this immediately and I am in love.

Fitbit flex // One thing that has improved this month is my determination to get healthy and to final get my health under control. I’ve been using this nifty little wrist band to track my progress and I particularly love the “silent alarm feature”. It’s a really useful item and definitely helps the fitness phobe.

24 Hours in Police Custody // I usually love detective and crime based documentaries, I just find them really interesting, so naturally I was going to love this one. It’s fascinating to see how the police investigate crimes in the first instance and I just love learning more about the law in the UK.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm stain // I’ve always loved these wearable and comfortable lip crayons because they feel so light and easy to wear. I find that these last a decent enough time and are uber easy to apply anyway. These are perfect for this tragic weather that we have been having as of late!

Bourjous Paris Maxi Delight // I had this beautiful bronzer free when I repurchased the Bourjois Bronzing Primer and at first I wasn’t sold. I chucked it to the back of my make-up draw and never expected to use it. However this month it has become a crucial part of my make-up routine and adds a natural, healthy pop of colour to my face. It’s really pretty and I love how it sculpts my face, adding a natural glow.

So that’s August done with (hallelujah) and here’s to hoping that September will be a better one!

What have you been loving?


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