Always the Bridesmaid

Always the bridesmaid

Always the Bridesmaid sounded like a winner from the start.

So on Friday morning and with the confirmed news that we had five more damned years of Conservative rule I was in need of some cheering up so I popped to my local WH Smith to collect one of these pretty books. (£3.85, Amazon).

Always the Bridesmaid is no different.

Always the Bridesmaid

developing romance with a mysterious, if at times suspicious but very very handsome man? And yup you end up with chaos and the recipe for potential disaster but that’s just Maddie’s life at the moment. Fed up of constantly organising weddings that aren’t hers, of being bullied by her boss and taken for granted by her friends, Maddie starts to wonder if that’s her life’s worth? Will things ever get better and will she ever plan her own wedding instead of everyone else’s?

I heart series and was pretty sad to see it come to an end but Always the Bridesmaid is as funny, as romantic and as fun as the aforementioned novels. I love the twists and turns that the story offers and even though they are slightly predictable, it doesn’t detract from the story and I found myself clinging to every word. I read this book in just under a week, an achievement for someone with a busy life but a testament to it’s engaging style. As always Kelk’s sense of humour left me laughing at loud (to weird looks from other commuters on the train, I’m sure one guy actually moved away from me) and I found myself recounting the story to my family. It really is that well written.


This is another stellar novel from Lindsey Kelk and follows the same standard that I have come to expect. It’s hard to believe that she’s still fairly new in the grand scheme of things but I can assure you that her novels are going to continue to entertain thousands of us around the world.

You should buy this book if you’re looking for an easy read that will make you bite your finger nails with anticipation, want Maddie as your best friend and laugh out loud throughout the story. Just one piece of advice, don’t laugh out loud in public, it is largely frowned upon.

My only complaint is the fact that I wasn’t entirely able to escape the political landscape, on one occasion Kelk referred to someone as a “backbench Tory” lookalike and all at once my pain came flooding back. Sigh.


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    Completely agree! Nothing better than an easy, light hearted read 🙂 xx

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