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Once upon a time eyebrows had a biological purpose, to protect our eyes from damage in the dangerous and volatile environment in which we lived. Then came the 90s when we modernista’s (is that even a word) decided that they were better off plucked and turned them in to another 21st century chore. If only we could have seen in to the future because 2014 was the year of the brow and once again eyebrows are crucial to our everyday life and form an important fashion accessory, the bushier the better- thanks Cara Delevingne!

Yet despite their new found beauty, importance and style, eyebrows remain a tricky part of our beauty routine. They take so much maintenance, a steady hand and a keen eye and getting them wrong can result in disaaaaster. I have definitely had a few mishaps and over the years I have been forced to learn from my eyebrow errors, over plucking I’m looking at you. So in the hope that I can help you to avoid making the same mistakes as me, here are my top tips.

Get them done properly // It might seem like a costly alternative to homemade plucking session but nothing beats getting your brows shaped by an experienced and savvy technician. This is especially important if you’re new to the experience because plucking can ruin the natural shape and definition of your eyebrows and once gone it is really hard to ever get them back. If you’re a low maintenance kind of girl and would rather a discipline that comes with slow grow back, then waxing is the practice for you because it tends to show the longest grow back results. However for a more precise and natural finish threading is your best bet because it allows the beautician to get up close and personal with your brows. I’ve tried both and don’t have a particular favourite, I can honestly see the benefits of both.

Do your research // If you’re due a brow reshape or looking for a complete brow makeover then it’s best to do your research first and make sure that you get the result you want. We can’t all have Delevingne eyebrows but we can make the most of what we have, so to avoid any eyebrow error, make sure you have a rough idea of what shape suits your face and if possible take a picture with you. It’s not always possible to get the look you would love but hey, there is absolutely no harm in asking! Take a little look at this article for more information.

Outline like a pro // At the end of the day you have to make the most of what you have and it’s best to invest in a decent eyebrow tool. In my experience it can take an awful lot of frogs for you to find your perfect brow product but a little patience and you will almost certainly get there! If you want to see my personal faves then take a peek here but there are many good options to chose from. Take the time to swatch all options before purchasing because the wrong colour can result in a terrible case of caterpillar brows! I’ve recently started using a new technique, I outline by brow lightly before gently filing it in. It adds the right amount of definition and thickness without looking fake. However if you struggle to style out your brows then your best off leaving them au natural because no brow is so much better than too much brow!

What are your top brow tips?


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