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Hey everyone, how are you?

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my blog this weekend, and while I was looking through one of my favourite bloggers all posts, I came across this tag.

I thought it would be a really fun one to do, and I thought I would start this one off.

Back to Basics!

Nicknames- Kay is actually a nickname, I get called Kaish by my family (pronounced Kay-sh) but that’s it really.

Birthday- 14/06/90

Occupation- Policy adviser

Residence- Rhondda Valleys. Yup, The Valleys.


Hair Colour- Dark brown atm, naturally I guess I would say that it was dark blonde.

Hair Length- Long, passed shoulders.

Eye Colour- Hazel.

Height- 5ft3.

Glasses- Yup, I’ve had them for about four years now and have to go for yearly eye checks because they keep getting worse!

Piercings- My ears is all! I’ve had them done three times!

Tattoos- Nope. Not one.

Left or Right- Right!

Your Firsts

Best friend- Asia, and I guess in several ways Sam.

First boyfriend-I guy called Charlie.

First School- It was called Hendrefadog (hehehe there’s one for you non-Welshie’s to try) and it is now closed.

First Holiday- I used to go to Cornwall all the time with my family, and we have a caravan down West Wales. My first Overseas holiday was to Spain.


Movie- The Notebook, Mamma Mia, Beauty and the Beast.

TV Show- Under the Dome, Made in Chelsea, Disappeared, Pointless

Colour- Pale pastel colours- lilac, pale pink and blue’s.

Books/Authors- The Hunger Games, Daniel Half-Human, Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks, Lindsay Kelk, Sophie Kinsella. I like an awful lot of books and author’s.

Song-Beauty and the Beast, Hall of Fame-The Script, Viva La Vida- Coldplay, Skinny Love, Candle in the Wind,

Candy- I’m a sweet kind of girl. I’d pick the strawberry laces over chocolate any day.

Store- River Island!

Resteraunt-TGI Friday’s, Red Hot World Buffet, Las Iguana, Ruby Tuesdays.

Magazines- Elle, Cosmo, Look and Grazia.


Feeling- Slightly worried and anxious.

Webpage open- This, twitter, gmail and some things for work. I am working from home today.

Watching- Disappeared.

Thinking- What is on my to do list?

Hoping- I can get hold of the Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallet

Wearing- A pair of loose fitted black trousers and a plain white TShirt.

The Future.

Children- One day.

Married- Yup.

Live- London.

Have you ever?

Kissed a Stranger- Nope.

Drunk Alcohol- Yup.

Smoked- Nope never.

Cried at school- Yup.

Broke a bone- Yup.

Broke someone’s heart- Yup.

Had a broken heart- Yup.

Believe in?

God- I used to, but not any more.

Miracles- No, but I do believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Ghosts- Yes, I do.

Aliens- I guess that I do actually, I can’t imagine that we are on our own.

Soul Mates- Yes.

Love at First Sight-Not sure.

Heaven- Yup.

So I am going to tag littleirishbeautybox, kavichick2000 and beautyinbeta.


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