Advent 9- Five Christmas Musts!


Hey everyone, how’s the Christmas planning going?

I love the quirky little Christmas traditions that people have and now I’m getting older I must admit that I look forward to them more than actual present giving. I’m going to share my own traditions in a separate post, and I realise that these posts due overlap slightly, but this is a much broader post.

Perhaps you’re spending your first ever Christmas away from home or you have your own little family now (how exciting) and want some Christmas traditions of your own, well here are some ideas that can be adapted for you!

  • Extend the Christmas period. My family, as you will see in my future post, make the most of every single day that is at our disposal and you should to! Make Christmas Eve as special as Christmas day! Go ice skating, watch a Christmas film or perhaps pay Santa a visit! Christmas is magical and every single opportunity should be used.
  • Imagination. Do you have children? There is nothing sweeter than seeing children that passionately belief in Father Christmas and you should take every opportunity to help create this vision! Send them a letter/postcard from Santa for example, I love doing this for my young cousins!
  • Christmas challenge. Are you having relatives over for Christmas? Then this is for you! Have a Christmas jumper/earring competition, the aim being you have to find the kookiest example.
  • Secret Santa. Do Secret Santa on top of the other presents, and keep this for the Christmas dinner? Make it a rule that thy have to be funny!

How are you spending your Christmas? What quirky traditions do you have?







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