Advent 3- Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Grandad Scrouge

Bahhhh Humbug, how are you??

No, this is not my attempt at coining a new introduction (although it does have a ring to it doesn’t it) I’m trying to channel my inner-scrouge for this post, because today I am going to help you get in to the Christmas spirit!

Let’s be frank here readers, it’s not hard, Christmas trimmings and memrobilia has been in the shops for close to a month already and I’ve had to restrain myself from going “Christmas crazy” on several occasions. Undoubtedly however there will still be people that are not “there” yet. Fear readers not and call me your “Christmas Fairy Godmother” (is it ok for me to start demanding people call me that from now on) because I am here to help!! (Kay strikes a Superhero pose).

Here are my top tips for getting in the Christmas spirit!

  1. Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit like a good Christmas movie! For my favourite festive films take a look here, and tell me yours in the comment section!
  2. Listen to some cheery Christmas music! Everyone has a favourite song, mine is Wizzard!
  3. Read a Christmas book!
  4. Visit your look city! In Cardiff, my nearest, there is a Winter Wonderland, a beautiful Christmas market and Christmas music playing in every alley. Nothing works as well as that!
  5. Decorate! In my books this is acceptable any time after the 1st December!
  6. Make something Christmassy! Christmas crafts are fun and productive!
  7. Christmas candles always seem to do the job for me too! Stay tuned for my faves.
  8. Do something for charity! Christmas is all about kindness and giving, so why not do something for the less fortunate. Spend some time with a lonely neighbour, raise money for charity or volunteer at a local youth centre.

I hope that these have helped you, and if not, well look out for the ghosts of Christmas because I guess only they can help!

Are you excited?


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  • Hey i’ve nominated you for the wordpress family award! check out my latest post 🙂 x

    • Kay Page

      Thank you! 🙂 I will do now! Xxx