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Oh I love Christmas. The magic, the music, the laughter and everything else that comes with the most magical time of the year, but more than anything I LOVE the Christmas traditions. I love how something that comes about by an accident can suddenly become a yearly must and hence a new tradition is created.

Over the years we Page family have created several loved traditions, some of which have stood the test of time and some which sadly have this year fallen by the wayside. Nonetheless family and tradition remains at the heart of what we do and I therefore wanted to share them with you.

The Christmas Eve gammon. Yup it really is as simple as it sounds but every Christmas eve we all sit down to fill our tummies with gammon and chips. This wonderful meal is then followed by a fleeting visit from Santa, who loves leaving sweets and new pyjamas for the Page family. Adorned in our new gear, we then love to sit around the electric fire, watching the Polar Express and eating as much chocolate as we possibly can. Filled to the brim with naughty treats, bed time quickly comes around but by this point, like the delicious food that we have eaten, the Christmas spirit is heavy in our tummies and sleep tends to not come too easily.

Christmas Eve Drinks. Sadly this is one of the traditions that has fallen by the wayside this year, but growing up this was undoubtedly one my favourites. Before the above festivities, the entire family would hot foot it to Meadow Hall for a Christmas film and a round of spirit warming drinks.

Secret Santa. This is a relatively new one for the Page family and was only started last year. It was a really good giggle and the children loved the idea of a cheeky, budget gift on Christmas Eve. It is therefore one that we have decided to recreate this year and is one that will undoubtedly be repeated for the foreseeable future.

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

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