A Soldier’s Family

The lady in black, a tear in her eye,

This was the end, this was goodbye.

Her heart ached with a pain,

Tears streaked her cheeks, mixed with the rain.

She looked to the sky, dark and grey,

He was saying goodbye too, the rain was his way.

Her first love, the love of her life,

She had been so thrilled to have been his wife.

His baby at home, would never remember,

Her wonderful father, who died this September.

The mother woke in the middle of the night,

She jumped up and turned on the light,

She walked to the room that was once her boys,

She pictured him there, little, with toys.

But the room was empty, no boy in sight,

She knew where he was but checked every night.

It didn’t feel real, she should have died first,

It should be her, not him, in the Hurst.

Trailed by her family, died from old age,

She balled her fists, her head filled with rage.

He sat at the bar and drank his beer,

It felt weird, his brother not here.

It was they tradition, a drink in the bar.

They always bickered over who’d take the car.

He hadn’t realised how much it had meant,

All the memories and all the time spent.

Brothers by blood, friends by choice,

He missed his laugh, he missed his voice.

His heart felt heavy, a pain in his chest,

He held up his glass, before drinking the rest.

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