A Poem for Palestine! #freepalestine #freegaza


I was here watching from the very start,
Tears fell from my eyes and dread filled my heart.
I felt the weight upon me and I struggled to draw breath,
I remember the smell of burning, I remember smelling death.

I was here watching as my world turned to dust,
As people abandoned homes, leaving behind their trust.
I watched as the buildings on the horizon slowly began to burn,
I remember the parents panicking, I remember the looks of concern.

I was here watching as tears flowed like rain,
As dams broke and hearts flooded with pain.
I watched as the world kept turning, as the nights turned to days,
I remember the buildings crumbling as the country became a dangerous maze.

I was here watching as innocence was lost,
As children learnt of war and what war could cost.
I watched as families were broken, never to be the same,
I remember children screaming and looking for someone to blame.

I was here watching as silence began to descend,
As the bombs stopped falling and shooting came to an end.
I watched as families returned to houses, crumbled and gone for good,
I remember the mother’s crying, a feeling I remember that I understood.

I was here watching as it all started once more,
I could hear the bombs raining and the distant guns roar.
I watched as the sky flashed, filled with heavy metal birds,
I remember how it felt and I’ll never be able to put it in to words.

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