A new literary crush…


When it comes to books my taste is definitely varied and I’ll read pretty much anything and everything providing the blurb or cover (yes I occasionally judge a book on that ok, sue me) attracts me. I I love books, reading and delving in to a word that isn’t mine and every year I see my way through a number of Waterstone’s shelves. When you read as many books as I do it’s inevitable that you’ll come across disappointments, books that are difficult to process, characters that are unrealistic and stories that are ultimately forgettable. While I know that this might cause some controversy or buck the trends, notable disappointments include Gone Girl (the ending was my biggest issue), the entire Fifty Shades of Grey series (yes I have boycotted the film, I’m sorry but E L James is the worst author I’ve ever read) and Leaving Time.

Yet bad books aside I always discover a few gems, books that are heavenly to read and create the perfect escapism and authors that I quickly add to my favourites list. I recently stumbled upon Gayle Forman and her perfectly written, gripping and beautiful novel “I was here”. I was immediately attracted to the beautifully designed cover (anyone else think that looks like Louise Thompson?) and the blurb had me sold. It’s an incredibly compelling story about a young girl trying to overcome her best friends sudden and unexpected suicide. It’s beautiful, tragic and yet deeply inspiring. It’s easy to tell when I’ve found a book I love because I struggle to put it down and this book was finished it less than a day. So of course the following day I went out and bought another few books that were written by this author and I adored the second one that I read, “If I stay”. Yup, you guessed it, I read this book in a matter of days and swiftly moved on to a third.

Gayle Forman has a beautiful writing style and her novels ask some big, awkward questions about life in a light and non offensive way. The stories are readable, accessible and understated, while the characters are relatable and well written. If your looking for a new literary classic for your book collection, then look new further because Gayle Forman has bundles of talent.

Have you tried any of her books?


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