A letter to my bully


“Oh hey you”,

Is how I greet you whenever we run in to each other in the local high street, acting like it’s no big deal because that’s easier than letting you see the truth. I treat you as I would any other acquaintance but instead I’m filled with all the memories, the things you used to say and the embarrassment that you long ago caused.

We chitchat as if we have no history, I ask about the kids and you ask about my family and we both tiptoe around the subject. I say I’m in a hurry and you giggle, “me too”. Then we leave, promising a catch up and both knowing that we will never happen.

I’ve never told you about how much hurt you caused me in high school, never let you see the pain about how many jokes U was the butt of. Letting you see that weakness feels too much like letting you win and that’s something that’s never happened. It never will.

We all have life-changing moments, incidents that change the way we look at the world or how we react to certain things. The summer we left school you gave me one of these moments and it changed my life.

I’ll never forget standing up to you, the look on your face when I dared to speak back and the way that you’ve treated me since. I stopped being a victim and you became a coward, understanding I would no longer take it.

Since then I’ve been confident in voicing my opinion, defending myself when need be and I’m always cautious to make sure that I leave no one feeling how you made me feel.

So thank you, I guess, for teaching me that important lesson and I sincerely wish you all the best.


P.s I saw other people doing this in Glamour magazine and thought it was a really great idea. I needed to write my own so here it is.

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