A clumsy girls guide to wearing white…


White is a trend that’s as old as time and every few months it seems to make a white (right?) come back (see what I did there?). This season is no different and once again white is gracing us with it’s presence. However for a clumsy girl white can be an incredibly daunting experience, let’s be honest I include myself in that bracket, things just have a habit of falling out of my hand. White is super trendy right now but white with ketchup stains? Not so much.

Over the years of my clumsy existence (24 but nearly 25 to be exact) I’ve tended to avoid white but this year I’m determined to master the white way and I’ve embraced a few tips to avoid disaster!

Make good choices // If you’re wearing white on a night out then always think ahead and avoid beverages or food that might tarnish your otherwise polished appearance. Instead of opting for bolognese, cola or red wine (eeeek) think of opting for white wine, carbonara or other white based food sources. If you can’t be trusted with something that poses a danger to you’re ensemble, then honey it ain’t worth the risk!

Play it safe // Wearing head to toe white is always a stylish but dangerous move and if you, like me, have a habit of staining said outfit within 10 minutes then perhaps it’s safer to opt for safer choices. Instead of wearing all out white, opt for white flashes, white patterns or simply add one white outfit to an otherwise coloured outfit. A white top is always a safe bet, it goes with anything, looks uber-stylish and can easily be covered with a napkin!

Come prepared // I always carry a pack of stain removal wipes in my handbag or clutch because the one time I forget them is the time I make a mess. They aren’t the easiest product to lay your hands on but I always manage to get packet from Marks and Spencer. Convenient, useful and disaster averting, grab a packet for your bag now.

Swap shop // If I’m feeling brave enough to opt for a white wardrobe selection I always make sure that I have a cardi or some kind of cover-up with me. It can be worn as a preventative measure while drinking or eating any potentially hazardous product and can also be used as mishap hider!

Are you brave enough to wear white? What are your top tips?


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  • Reply Jaydee April 7, 2015 at 4:43 pm

    I do wear white a lot. And every time I spill something down me. Normally coffee or chocolate haha. xx

    • Reply Kay Page April 17, 2015 at 10:13 am

      I am a nightmare for spilling coffee down myself! Haha 🙂 xxx

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