50 book challenge (2)


A few weeks ago I committed to partaking in the 50 book challenge and as I am 4 weeks in, I thought that I would share my progress!

The first thing to note is that my reading has been consistent but the speed has slowed down because I was away at a training course for week and had no time to read, despite my best efforts.

The second thing to note is that I am not going to be reviewing books on my blog any longer, I love using my goodreads account and so instead I will be reviewing all my books on there. I will link those reviews in my update posts.

OhKay-DohKay so now that the admin side is out of the way, let’s get on to the books shall we?

6. Paper Towns, John Green, full review is here.

7. Hot Feminist, Polly Vernon, full review is here.

8. You’re The One That I Want, Giovanna Fletcher, full review is here.

9. Voices of Memory, Medical, no further information or a review.

10. In The Unlikely Event, Judy Bloom, full review is here.

11. The Potion Diaries, Amy Alward, full review is here.

12. In Real Life, Joey Graceffa, full review is here.

13. I Followed The Rules, Joanna Bolour, full review is here.

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