3 lessons I’ve learned the hard way…


When you’re a child you have this crystal clear, black and white vision of the world and you assume that once you reach adulthood certain things are bound to happen for you. You will get a job, you will have a car, a house, a dog and you will have finished learning, but little do the children of today understand that learning is something that you never outgrow. Yet not all lessons are learnt in the comfort of a warm classroom and instead some lessons are learnt the hard way through experience, here are a few of the important lessons that I’ve learnt.

Jealousy is a useless and counterproductive emotion // Sadly jealousy is part of our daily lives and throughout my life I’ve experienced it directed at me and I myself have directed it towards others. Yet eventually you reach a point where the green-eyed monster is easily defeated and you realise that jealous is a waste of your time and energy. Top Tip- avoid jealousy at all costs but if you do suffer from a bout of the green bug, use it to your advantage and channel that energy in to something good!!

You have to love yourself before anyone can love you // I’ve kissed a fair few frogs but I’m still looking for my Prince Charming and I’ve realised that I need to be 100% satisfied with my own life before I can consider letting someone else in. It’s taken me a lot of hardship to get to this point and it’s why I’ve recently decided to set myself a “man ban” for the next few months because I intend to focus on the things that really matter to me. I’ve set myself some hefty goals for the next three months, goals that are going to take a lot of work and attention. If the right man’s out there he can wait until I’m ready, think Blair and Chuck in the last two series of Gossip Girl.

It might be hard but admitting that you made a mistake is the only way to grow up // When I first realised that a teaching career wasn’t for me I was already half way through my teaching degree and struggling to cope with the heavy workload. It was hard to admit to my family and friends that I had made an epic mistake, that teaching was not my vocation and there was no way that I wanted to become a teacher after the course. I tried to fight the negative thoughts and power through but it ended in me feeling entirely exhausted and broken and eventually I was forced to make the choice. I told my family and while disappointed they entirely understood and while finding a job post-PGCE was one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced, it proved to be the best decision I made.

What big mistakes have you made?


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