25 things to do on your day off

25 things day off

So it’s your day off and you literally can’t think of anything that you need or want to do? It’s always the way isn’t it,

That’s where I come in because these are 25 suggestions of things that you can do on your day off.

Start a blog // I’m a blogger and so I am extremely passionate about bloggers, everyone should have one a blog far as I’m concerned.

Read a whole book // This is pretty standard for me but I know a lot of people don’t feel like they have the time to read an entire book. You have a day free so use that to read one.

Catch up on your favourite TV show // Because that’s pretty much what days off are made for anyway.

Go to the cinema (even it it’s alone) // Who cares if it’s alone or with a huge group of friends, go to see that film you’ve been fancying and let us know how it is.

Go to the museum // I’m a historian and I love all things history related, going to the museum is an actual treat for me.

Have a good old sort out // Decluttering has almost become a movement nowadays and I am a huge fun of a regular session.

Write a month’s worth of blogs content // Obviously this is only relevant to people t hat have a blog.

things to do on your day off

Organise your documents // It’s a tedious task but one that will make you feel so much happier once done.

Garden // Always looks like so much fun and yet I never get the time to do it.

Go for a long walk // My favourite kind of exercise and something I really enjoy doing on my day off, it’s good for the soul and body.

Go to the zoo // Because who doesn’t like seeing animals.

Get your hair cut // Good hair helps in making you feel good, so book yourself an appointment and enjoy the peace.

Wash the dog // Only relevant if you have a dog to wash.

Get crafty // There are a million and one ways to get crafty but it’s a great way to spend your day.

Do something that you’ve been putting off // Make it a productive one.

Visit family // Because that’s what family are there for.

Start a scrapbook // Something I’e been meaning to do for a long time and still haven’t gotten around to.

Clear out your emails // Another item on my ever lengthening to do list but an undoubtedly productive way to spend the day.

Catch up on youtube video’s // Because everyone loves them.

Have a comment spree // Another item that only applies if you’re a blogger.

Have a Facebook clear out // I like to do this every so often even though it does leave me feeling mean.

Learn a new recipe // I’m a terrible cook so this is one that I could really do myself.

Watch making a murderer // Probably the most revolutionary/concerning documentary that I’ve ever watched. It’s compelling and trust me when I say that a day is enough time to watch it all.

Research something you are interested in // This might be lame to some people for me, it’s a really good pastime.

Start writing something // Start that novel!

What would you add to the list?

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