2014 Trend Predictions, Part One- Make Up, Handbags and Shoes

So I think this post might be quite risky, I hate to be wrong and there is a chance that I will be, but I thought I would do this nonetheless.

I am going to split this in to two posts, one today and one Monday, this one will be make-up and shoes, while the next will be clothing and accessories! Where relevant I have included two examples of the trend, one that is uber-affrodable in the form of high-street or drugstore and one that is more of a luxury buy.

I will review these at the end of the year and see how I did!! Here we go!


  • Pale blue eyeliner. Look out for this one over the coming months, because I think it is going to go stellar. Think a thin line of pale blue liner on the top lid and nothing too dark or obvious, metallic or baby blue is the way to go. This trend has double the impact because while it will give you style credintials, it will also help make you look more awake! (Examples-  Barry M Kohl Pencil, shade 16 or NARS Kitty)
  • Lilac nails. I loooooveeee lilac and I am so excited that it is about to make a huge comeback! Pastals have been around for a while now, both on nails and clothing, and it is going nowhere! Get on this trend now by investing in a gorgeous lilac nail varnish, think matte and not shimmery to make sure you hit this one! (Examples- Claire’s Accessories Pale Lilac or Butter London Muggins)
  • Bright Pink Lips. Think deep, blue toned pinks. These were all over the Catlwalk at London Fashion Week! Ensure you make it work my covering any redness you have on your face (Pink makes redness really stand out), wear minimal or no eyeshadow and be careful with blush (I would say your better off having no blush than too much with this look). (Examples- Bourjois Rouge Edition 07 or NARS Funny Face)

Shoes and Bags…

  • Sandals! Not just any older shandals, the big chunky, buckle or lace kind! I’m taking Roman Goddess meets Father in Benidorm. This trend requires a lot of confidence and I’m not sure that I have what it takes so instead I am going to opting for a pair of buckled Berkinstocks, which started to make to make a comeback at the end of summer 2013. I will be making an investment in a pair of white and blue versions! (Example- Birkens Multi Strap in white or ASOS Flock sandal)
  • Handheld bags! This year the clutch will become an everyday kind of bag, as the oversized clutch will make it’s way into our daily wardrobes. Think minimal contents and more style. (Example- Coast Peony Clutch or River Islands black asymmetric zip clutch bag)
  • Carry with Attitude! If you do need a strap on your handbag then it is all about the way you carry out, it has to be carried with attitude. Think straight arm and carried as low as you can possibly imagine. Also try and match your bag to your outfit AS CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE! I’m talking tartan and tartan, leather and leather…gone are the days when colour was enough!
  • WAG Watches! Massive watches are also set to be everyone, but ensure that you keep it classic and simple. I am talking Big Ben on your wrist! For an instant style boost, make it a rose gold version but ensure the face is the same colour or a colour of contrast, because clashing faces are long gone. (Example- I can’t find a highstreet alternative at the moment but there will be, keep an eye out in River Island as they love rose gold. High end watches, see Micheal Kors’ rose gold beauty).

What fashion predictions are you making for the year? Stay tuned to see my clothing and accessory predictions on Monday!

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