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I’ve made no secret of my bargain buying tendencies and I really do love a good value for money haul, it’s a good feeling when you get more bang for your buck and the high-street is definitely my comfort zone. While I do love many of the higher end brands and do find myself in delirious awe at the glossy stands in John Lewis and the like, I also tend to feel a tiny bit lost. What can I say I’m a bargain beauty at heart. But if your looking to revamp your make-up collection or even looking to start, the high-street can be a bit of a maze and really difficult to navigate. Well fear not my dears because you can see this as your high-street navigating map, these are the best 10 products on the high-street, all of which are under £10.

Bourjois Bronzing Primer // (£9.99, Superdrug) Only just about able to get away with including this one but thank goodness I did because this beauty is rivalled by no other. I have to confess that I feel Bourjois dropped a slight bum note in the creation and marketing of this product because it works much better as a bronzer than it ever will as a primer. This dreamily creamy bronzer is great for adding a tan to the cheekbones and has the perfect consistency to create a natural, barely there effect. The product itself has a delicious dewy appearance and blends like a dream, applied delicately over the cheekbones and blended atop of foundation. I love finishing this off with a light dusting of blush, creating the perfect healthy complexion.

Max Factor CC Stick, green // (£9.99, Superdrug) When it comes to skin I’m pretty lucky and I’ve never really had a problem with spots, dry or greasy skin but when it comes to redness I have it in the plenty. That’s actually a bit unfair because in the grand scheme of things my skin is pretty good but sometimes no amount of foundation will cover the redness that breaks out. In the past I’ve tried a number of colour based congealers and while a few have offered short-term relief, most are pretty disappointing and come 1PM my red skin is playing peek-a-boo. I was really excited when I recently spotted the Max Factor colour correcting stick and was immediately intrigued and of course I was not disappointed. This is the perfect product for countering or correcting redness, the product is incredibly easy to use, the creamy texture blends easily, quickly becoming invisible once blended and under foundation. This is my new beauty wonder.

Makeup Revolution I <3 make-up blusher in glowing // (£2.99, Superdrug) This is truly a bargain budget buy and without a doubt one of the best priced items in my personal top ten. Aptly named glowing, this blusher is the perfect colour for my skin tone and the delicately blended colour is the perfect mix between a bronzer and a blush, adding a healthy pop of glowing colour. Makeup Revolution is a brand that’s definitely growing on me and I’ve loved using this blusher over the last few month’s, I enjoy gently tapping this along my cheekbones to add a pop of colour and it perfectly compliments my much-loved bronzed look. One slight caution however, this blush is uber pigmented so apply with a light hand for a “brisk Spring walk” kinda flush.

Rimmel Provocalips Little Minx // (£6.99, Superdrug) When it comes to bold claims I tend to be rather skeptical, so it took me a while to overcome my reluctance and purchase one of these bad boys but boy am I pleased that I did. In the past I’ve had a huge problem with my make-up slipping, my lipstick being no exception and I’ve pretty much tried every “long-lasting” lipstick on the books to no avail. You might have already guessed it by now but that was before I tried these little wonders and I have a sudden urge to know their secrets. The formula of the Rimmel Provocalips sealant is like no other and once applied these lipsticks really do last the test of time. Not exactly an advantage but a definite example of their impressiveness, I’ve been known to spend a few hours patiently trying to remove all traces of bright pink from my otherwise pale lips!! I chose this gorgeous bold pink shade because it’s my go to tone and it doesn’t let me down in the slightest. Woser is the product worth it’s price rating.

Bourjois Healthy Balance powder in vanilla // (£8.99, Superdrug) After years and years of trying and being disappointed with pointless powders I never imagined that I would finally find one I loved but then I had never tried this beautiful offering. I’ve been using this for just over a month now and I am completely hooked, my make-up lasts literally all day long. It’s a bit good.

Maybelline Brow Satin // (£5.99, Superdrug) When it comes to eyebrow products I’m definitely fussy and I’ve been known to hate some of the most loved products on the market but fear not my friends, because I have finally found the solution. The Maybelline Brow Satin is the perfect product for the eyebrow novice and once used it will fast become a daily staple. I love the consistency, texture and easy to blend formula and it’s one of the easiest products I’ve ever tried. It blends in to the brow like a dream and gives a subtle filling effect, when it comes to pro cuts that work magic on the eyebrow, this is the real deal.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette in what you waiting for? // (£6.00, Superdrug) I love this pretty palette and come summer it will no doubt be your saving grace because the pretty pastel, shimmery shades are bang on trend. It contains 6 matte shades and 12 sparkles and holds the perfect combination of colours, equipping you to create almost any look and for any given situation. This palette will take you from day to night in a flash and for £6.00 it’s worthy every blooming penny.

Bourjois Rogue Edition Velvet Lipstick in Pink Pong // (£8.99, Superdrug) I love a bold lipstick but when it comes to application I tend to be quite clumsy, so I’m always on the look out for exciting new products that come with easy application. I was a major fan of the liquid lipstick trend in the summer of 2014 because I found them a lot easier to use and they added the perfect pop of colour without drying out my lips. The Bourjois version were certainly top of my lust list and I loved painting my pout with these beautiful products.

Maybelline the rocket mascara // (£7.99, Superdrug) When it comes to budget mascara Maybelline rule the roost and their products are famed for offering value for money and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve trialled and tried my fair share of high street mascara’s over the last six months and am yet to find anything that quite rivals the rocket. Put simply this mascara just does it for me, I love that it adds definition and volume but still leaves a natural appearance. It’s the bomb diggity.

Rimmel match perfection concelaer // (£5.99, Superdrug) Does anyone else have products that they simply can’t remember buying? For me this is one of them and yet despite that it has fast become a staple in my every day routine. I use this gorgeous concealer to brighten by under eye area and boy does it do the job. If you, like me, are forced to make early morning commutes to work then this should definitely be in your beauty routine because it saves me so much time and hassle. It applies easily, blends even easier and lasts for hours at time. So instead of rolling in to work and trying to style out the “zombie” trend (it’s really not a trend, by heck do I wish it was, Karl Largerfeld get on that) this piece of kit will save you a lot of hassle.

What are your favourite high street pieces?


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