10 things I did this weekend


I’m a fairly nosey person and I love to know how people have spent their time, so today I thought I would share 10 things I did this weekend.

Drank more tea than I probably should // By 10 o’clock Saturday I had already had FOUR cups of tea.

Had a KFC // The family went out and instead of cooking – because it’s a Saturday and who eve does that – they brought home a KFC.

Watched Room // I read the book a couple of weeks ago and I know some will disagree but when I’ve read a book I always want to see the film afterwards. There’s something about seeing the characters come to life. The film is ok, doesn’t do the book justice in my opinion but is ok.

Planned my week // I lied out my weekly spread in my bullet journal, made it look pretty and then planned the things I needed to fo.

Had a BBQ // Because the weather is so nice today.

Text my cousin because her cat died // So sad, he was a lovely cat. RIP Mekow.

Wrote some blog posts // Obvs.

Had a sort out // I’m trying to declutter my life and I’m gradually sorting my room out. I’ve made a really good start.

Planned my holiday // I’m going away in a couple of weeks so I’ve just been pinning down the formalities of that.

Did the lottery // Yup and sadly not even one number.

What have you been doing this weekend?

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