10 things I’ve been grateful for this week

greatful I’ve been a little bit quite on here over the last few days because I’ve been away with my family and despite my best efforts I just couldn’t find the time to write. It totally sucks because as per usual I had a really productive week planned, I wanted to use my spare time to get some work done but instead I spent the time relaxing with the family.

How silly to feel guilty for relaxing, ey?

Anyway this week I’m back and I’m determined to get back on top of things. Anyway I had such a good week and I’ve come back home feeling all warm and fuzzy.

So these are the 10 things that I have been most grateful for this week!

My cousin Zac // This little bundle of joy is my youngest cousin and without a doubt the most loving, comical and clever little boy I’ve ever met. He’s only 9 and yet he is so quick witted and clever he can have you in stitches in seconds. This week me and him had some proper giggles and if we’re friends on Snapchat, you may have seen why.

My cousin Corey // Corey does the best accents and performances in the world, he’s so funny and the older he gets the funnier he’s becoming. He had me crying with laughter the first night we were there.

My cousin Kaila // I absolutely love spending time with Kaila Bow, she’s such good company and I love the bond we have with each other.

My family generally // So yeah the Page family are pretty damn awesome, we know how to do caravan holidays and we make the most of every single moment.

Exciting opportunities // Something pretty exciting happened last week, I got the opportunity to meet the PM. It did mean me travelling from Haverfordwest to London (not ideal) but trust me it was more than worth it. There’ll definitely be more to come on this in the next few weeks.

The weather // All week the weather was absolutely gorgeous and as a result we were able to do the fun kinda activities – beach barbecues and boat trips.

Good food // Hello beach barbecues, I don’t think I need to say anything more.

Beautiful West Wales // West Wales is one of the most beautiful places in the world, I honestly dare you to challenge that.

Not suffering with travel sickness // I’ve never been travel sick and it’s something I am so grateful for. We went on a boat trip and I realised how lucky I am because I’ve never been prevented from doing anything.

For having what I do // Whether that be my family, my health, my caravan or even my iPhone I genuinely feel so lucky to have the things that I do.

What have you been grateful for this week?

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