10 things that happen when I’m anxious

when anxious

I’ve never hidden the fact that I often suffer from anxiety and occasional depression. I love that we live in a world that is becoming increasingly accepting of people with mental health issues, even though we haven’t quite reached total acceptance yet. That’s exactly the reason why I chose to start sharing my mental health story on here, I wanted to people to understand what it really felt like, how it impacts on my life and what the day to day life of an anxious person is really like.

Since I stared this blog a number of years ago I’ve covered a number of aspects of mental health but I’ve never really told you exactly what happens when I am having an anxious episode. That’s until now.

So here are 10 things that happen when I am feeling anxious.

I get heart palpitations //

It’s one of the traditional symptoms of anxiety and it’s definitely one that I experience a lot and often in the most random of times or places. Last night for example I woke up from a dream – not a nightmare, just a standard dream – and my heart was racing as if I’d run a marathon. I then noticed I was feeling incredibly anxious and my thoughts were racing about things I had no control over. The actual palpitations themselves are frightening and not very nice.

I sweat a lot //

Yup it’s a not a particularly nice thing to have to mention but I pride myself on representing my anxiety exactly as it’s and not some polished version. When I’m feeling anxious I get really sweaty, everywhere from my armpits to the palms of my hands.

I feel uncomfortable //

When I’m having an anxious episode I start to feel incredibly uncomfortable, I feel as if everyone is watching me, I can’t get comfortable and I probably move about an awful lot.

I tend to avoid eye contact //

This is something that I am really bad at but if I’m feeling intimated, I won’t look anyone in the eye. In fact I’d suggest that this is probably the easiest way to sense if I’m feeling anxious or not.

I act out of character // 

We all have certain things we do or ways we act that’s typical for us on a daily basis but when I’m worrying about something I act totally out of character.

I become reserved and quite //

If you’ve read other people’s blog posts about their anxiety then this is probably one huge symptom that we all have in common. I go right back in to myself when I’m feeling anxious and I guess that in a way I’m hiding away from the world. This tends to happen when I’m in social settings that are unusual or nerve racking.

Sometimes I even talk to much //

This is more something that happens after I’ve been anxious but is another pretty good indication that I’m anxious. If I’ve been worrying about something and it doesn’t happen or goes the opposite way to how I was anticipating it going, I feel relieved and become incredibly animated and talkative.

I’ll avoid or ignore certain circumstances //

I am such a nightmare for doing this and in the past it’s got me in a lot of trouble. It’s meant that sometimes I’ve let people down and upset people when I don’t necessarily want to.

I become pretty snappy //

I become so trapped in my little anxious bubble that I become absorbed and struggle with patience. I become really short-tempered and snappy, biting people’s heads off for no reason.

I sleep and to some people it might look as if I am being lazy //

Another symptom that is common of both anxiety and depression, when I’m feeling anxious I just want to make time speed up. There’s almost a logic to it because if you’re feeling anxious, you just want something to happen and for it to be over and done with. I read, binge watch TV shows but sometimes my favourite way to pass the time is to sleep. I guess that it can come across as lazy but it’s not, it’s just another symptom of my anxiety.

What happens when your anxious?

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