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  • things to do on your day off

    25 things to do on your day off

    So it’s your day off and you literally can’t think of anything that you need or want to do? It’s always the way isn’t it, That’s where I come in because these are 25 suggestions of things that you can do on your day off. Start a blog // I’m a blogger and so I […] Read more…

  • Being a child in the 90s

    Growing up in the 90s

    A few weeks ago there was a nostalgic blog chat, one that resolved around childhood and it really got me thinking. I was very lucky I had a pretty special childhood, one that was filled with memories and love. I never had it all – that really didn’t matter – but I had everything that […] Read more…


  • Staying-Safe-Online

    Staying Safe Online

    Let’s be honest, the internet is an incredibly piece of tech isn’t it? It’s literally changed the world and how we live our lives becoming pretty much an everyday essential and hence we rely on it for so much. Yet all that said, it can also be a really dangerous place too. We’ve all seen […] Read more…

  • writing-an-essay

    Writing an essay

    Writing an essay can be really tricky – I know because I’ve been there – but it’s still a necessary skill and task for passing and surviving education. Clearly I enjoy writing and sometimes I’ve enjoyed writing essays but nonetheless they can be really stressful. So using my previous experience I’m going to offer some […] Read more…

What I've learnt?

  • Can-people-ever-really-disappear

    Distorted gender roles

    We learn a lot from the culture we grow up with in and the images that we are regularly subjected t so imagine the kind of impact these can have. We live in a sexist, gender defined culture, a culture that loves neat and clear definitions or boxes in which we all fit. The media […] Read more…

  • what-ive-learnt-summary

    What I’ve learnt – so far.

    I first started this series months ago now and since the it’s gone from strength to strength and I can genuinely say that I love writing it. It’s so important that we all share advice, lessons and tips as we go along and for me this series is perfect for that. This week I thought […] Read more…

Politics and Opinion

  • Pretty 3

    #BlackLivesMatter and why you need to watch it?

    It’s likely that you will remember the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag which was floating around the internet last year. It was sort of hard to miss and for good reason because it’s a campaign that has a really important message. A few weeks ago I spotted a documentary of the same name on iTunes and decided that […] Read more…

  • women-who-changed-it-all

    Women who changed it all

    Women are pretty awesome and over the years certain woman have made pretty impressive changes to society, changing the world and inspiring other woman to take up a cause. These are a handful of the woman who changed society and woman who inspire me. Malala Yousafazi // We would all agree that young people are entitled […] Read more…