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  • Jennifer-Kesse

    Missing Monday – Jennifer Kesse

    A few weeks ago I launched my new series – Missing Monday – where I feature a missing person case, giving them a voice and sharing their story. I’m one of those people that’s weirdly interested in crime and particularly missing people so this is something that’s really close to my heart. I’m also going to […] Read more…

  • haute-chocolate-boss-lady-pink-4-final

    June Review – Resignations and small celebrations

    I decided not to do a favourites post this month – it just doesn’t feel like a particularly favourite kind of month – so instead I’ve decided write a review and to offer some comment and thought. I guess that on the whole June hasn’t really been a good month. I mean there have been occasional good moments, […] Read more…


  • Making money online

    Making money online

    It totally sucks when money is tight, it means having to prioritise things and this is something that I’ve never been good at. I’ve spoken about my debt free journey in the past and for a long time it was hit or miss as to whether I would actually get there or not. I have […] Read more…

  • Staying-Safe-Online

    Staying Safe Online

    Let’s be honest, the internet is an incredibly piece of tech isn’t it? It’s literally changed the world and how we live our lives becoming pretty much an everyday essential and hence we rely on it for so much. Yet all that said, it can also be a really dangerous place too. We’ve all seen […] Read more…

What I've learnt?

  • CBT

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    I’ve never hidden the fact that I suffer with anxiety, in fact I’ve been pretty open about it and over the years I’ve tried my fair share of treatments in a bid to get it under control. Mental health treatment is definitely something that is incredibly personal and what works for me isn’t always going […] Read more…

  • Can-people-ever-really-disappear

    Distorted gender roles

    We learn a lot from the culture we grow up with in and the images that we are regularly subjected t so imagine the kind of impact these can have. We live in a sexist, gender defined culture, a culture that loves neat and clear definitions or boxes in which we all fit. The media […] Read more…

Politics and Opinion

  • xxxxx

    Jo Cox – her legacy

    Being a member of the Labour Party is a bit like being in a long-term relationship and my journey has had some rather large bumps along the way. There’s been times when I’ve been extremely happy, other times things have been complicated and once or twice we’ve nearly broken up. Yet despite the cocktail of emotions […] Read more…

  • Pretty 3

    #BlackLivesMatter and why you need to watch it?

    It’s likely that you will remember the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag which was floating around the internet last year. It was sort of hard to miss and for good reason because it’s a campaign that has a really important message. A few weeks ago I spotted a documentary of the same name on iTunes and decided that […] Read more…


  • quality

    NaNoWriMo 2015

    Can you believe that it’s November already? This year really has flown by and Christmas is just around the corner but for thousands of wannabe authors November actually has another meaning too. That’s right ladies and gents, November is National Novel Writing month and once again I have decided to take part! I’ve mentioned my […] Read more…